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Extreme Tipster Review – Is It Legitimate?
Extreme Tipster Review – Is It Legitimate?

Extreme Tipster Review – Is It Legitimate?

Is Extreme Tipster a scam? This is a relatively new tipster service site that has generated a lot of interest in the betting community who are looking to find out whether it truly works or not. From my experience, the strategy behind how they select their horses is based on long term value bets and trying to focus on the longer time frame instead of aiming for huge wins in the short term. tipsters

1. Is Extreme Tipster Just Another Tipster Service Website that Picks Favorites?

However, those who are thinking that this is just a simple tipster service that picks the most likely favorites to win in every race would be wrong too. It is already a known fact that the favorites win only an average of 30% of the time, and by using the average odds of favorites, it is easy to see that a punter constantly betting on favorites would still lose money in the long run. Rather, the betting selections can come from any horse as long as the odds of those selections are of good value and produce a profit in the long term.

2. What Are the Benefits of Joining the Extreme Tipster Website?

Even though there are many tipster services available online that provide tips for horse racing, most of them overstate their profits while others are outright rehashed old betting systems. Most of the time, those claims about averaging 25 to 50 points are too good to be true. By following a professional tipster service that works, I am essentially outsourcing the work of looking through the statistics and odds every day and paying a small fee for that work to be done for me.

3. Do You Need to Have Any Prior Betting Experience Before Joining Extreme Tipster?

It also removes my emotional judgment from affecting my decisions, which is a factor that causes punters to lose more money when they allow their emotions to cloud their logical thinking. Punters who are much less experience and want to get started by maximizing their profits can also join a good tipster service and start off on a winning note. In the long term, this tipster service has proven that it always comes out with a profit statistically due to its successful value betting method.

Review of What Happens When You Sign Up at Extreme Tipster

This is essentially an email tipster service whereby the professional behind it, Tim Jones, sends out his daily selections via email and also puts them up on his website in the membership area.

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